The VOICES Empowerment model is rooted in the belief that inherent in all children and youth, is the capacity to be agents of change, and in so doing, to transform their lives and enhance their communities. This capacity is enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of a Child.

The model illustrates our belief that when Children's Rights are prioritized, communities support processes that develop their individual voices. This "voice" as it evolves, enhances their capacity to participate in their communities development from an empowered position. This empowered participation results in individual and community transformation and development.

The participation of community in this process is essential as a true sense of belonging is necessary for this model to be truly effective.We believe when young people are given opportunity to discover their “voices” & enabled to exercise their right to participate in personal and community development, transformation occurs. The result is an inspired "voice", engaging and positively transforming society TODAY.


Community Action Teams

The CAT’s  program is our flagship community-based development initiative for young people between 8-14. A 3-year school-based extracurricular program, it is run in low income urban-poor communities

Through the use of the VOICES Empowerment model, CAT teams are guided in a capacity building process that achieves two main outcomes: a) Positively impacts self-confidence and sense of self-efficacy, and, b) Directly impacts how CAT team members engage with the school work and the role they believe they play in their communities. The final result is a gradual process of transformation from low-engaging students to critically thinking and self-directed empowered agents of change.

Entrepreneurship Institute

The VOICES Entrepreneurship Certificate program is offered to young adults 18-28 yrs old who are in the early stages of their careers. The Certificate focusses on developing  Self-assessment skills, Improving Efficacy, developing Leadership and Creating Future change-makers.  This program is designed to be experiential cultivating life-long skills necessary for self-development and success. It is anchored in the premise that one of the most effective ways of building capacity is by providing a forum for an individual to actively develop and hone their own talents and a set of transferable skills.

Program completion requirements include active participation in workshops, submission of all workshop assignments and active participation in the Final Group project. The program is delivered in a combined format of face-to-face workshops, participation in learning and sharing circles either in person or virtually,  global online hangout sessions, and self-directed readings. All program participants are accepted on full scholarship funded through our Village Pot Program. Graduates from this Certificate Program are certified as self-starting, problem-solving, multi-skilled young people trained and experienced in adding value to operations and generating successful outcomes. To demonstrate our stand behind the outcome of our program, we negotiate internship opportunities for our graduates with a guarantee to of added value and success to operations.