Who we are

The VOICES (Voices Of Inspired Children Engaging Society) Global Collective, is a global health transformational development organization. We help activate personal and social change in young people living in urban communities challenged by poverty, by providing entrepreneurial training, curating leadership opportunities and igniting the belief that they are capable of becoming more than their circumstances.

Why we do it

  • We believe every youth is created with the potential to ignite positive change in their communities and hope in their peers.

  • We affirm the rights of each youth as stated in United Nations Convention of the Rights of the Child.

  • We value the participation of every youth to contribute to the well-being of their community.

  • We insist on the importance of the holistic well-being of every child. We believe each child ought to have access to all they need to experience a fun, safe, healthy and thriving childhood.

HOW we do IT

  • We inspire youth to see their potential, recognize their significance and ignite belief in their capacity to transform their lives.

  • We provide mentorship, life skills and social change tools, entrepreneurial training and scholarships to facilitate young people’s personal growth and transformation.

  • We serve as bridge builders between the challenges of poverty for youth, and the realization of their goals to live lives that transform their communities.







Photo by alphaspirit/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by alphaspirit/iStock / Getty Images

Creating Safe Spaces to Develop Potential

We have designed an effective model to create safe spaces in the middle of the chaos of poverty, marginalization and the other challenges young people face. In these spaces our participants are able to work through some of the impact of their stories, discover their potential, and become leaders and mentors in their communities.


Photo by Peshkova/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by Peshkova/iStock / Getty Images

We have a well-crafted and field tested theory of change that we use in facilitating and resourcing processes that move our young people from a space of  victimhood of their circumstances, to becoming critical thinking creative problem-solvers. This is the crux of what we do.

Photo by EtiAmmos/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by EtiAmmos/iStock / Getty Images

Monitoring and EvalUation

We are highly skilled at collecting data, recording stories and tracking progress and challenges. We do this in order to maximize our own learning and equip our program participants to do the same. This monitoring and evaluation culture is a cornerstone of our organizational capacity and helps ensure that we are evolving as necessary in order to utilize our resources efficiently for maximum return on investment.


“As a participant of the V.O.I.C.E.S Training Institute’s (VTI) activities, I have been able to identify my own mission and vision, write reports, and manage my community development projects. I have also gained knowledge on how to use diverse computer software applications. I have had real experience facilitating community action team meetings, and helped kids to design their own development projects. In effect, I haven’t just helped enhance the transferable skills of the club members, but also upgraded my own communication skills and leadership skills.” -Martin Drah, 18 yrs old

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